Loona Drops Apocalyptic Teaser For 'New Moon' Comeback Video: Watch

Blockberry Creative


Loona unveiled a mysterious teaser for their upcoming single "New Moon" on Tuesday (Dec. 29).

The cryptic 60-second video opens with Gowon floating through space in an ethereal white gown as she looks down on Earth, where the other eleven members of the K-pop girl group reside in an apocalyptic futurescape filled with burned-out cars, floating apples and the recurring appearance of butterflies.

Throughout the clip, Orbit can also see Heejin wandering down a dark, deserted road, Chuu posing on top of a graffiti-strewn car as she stares into the sun, ViVi and Yves roller-skating and more.

While the teaser doesn't reveal a release date for the new single or hint at the track's sound, "New Moon" will serve as a follow-up to the group's second release of 2020, the electropop-fueled mini-album [12:00], which featured singles "Why Not" and "Star."

Most importantly, the teaser also marks the return of HaSeul, who makes a brief appearance in the final moments of the video, looking off in profile as the screen flashes with glitchy, green light. (The band's de facto leader had been notably absent from the previous two album cycles, citing a need to focus on her health as the rest of the girls recorded and promoted [12:00] as well as the EP that preceded it, 2020's [Hash].)

Watch Loona's teaser for "New Moon" below.