BTS' Jimin Says Pandemic Allowed Them to Be More Involved With New Album's 'Overall Production'

BTS sat down with Rolling Stone India for a wide-ranging interview, in which V pulled back the veil on his upcoming solo mixtape, Suga revealed that he's working on his singing and guitar-playing in order to set himself up for a potential unplugged future, and Jimin shared the silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I’m exploring many different genres at the moment. I’m trying out different styles within a deeper and wider range, so there will be songs with more depth as well as styles you haven’t seen from me before," V told the magazine about the rampant speculation about his solo mixtape based on a bluesy clip he shared in September on Twitter -- and then reportedly deleted -- which sounded much different from other singles he's released.

V also explained that he puts a lot of thought into his onstage facial expressions in a way to connect with fans on a deeper level. "I’ve experimented with many facial expressions. I’ve practiced a lot and continue to practice. I want to become someone who can be expressive through a variety of genres," he said.

When asked about developing his singing skills and learning how to play guitar, Suga said he was inspired by "nineties folk musicians" he's been listening to, without naming names, adding, "I'm not trying to limit myself to a specific genre. I simply want to be able to sing while playing guitar when I get older. That's all."

Jimin also dove into how the COVID-19 pandemic upended the group's plans for 2020, including its impact on their artistic process on their upcoming album, Be (Nov. 20). "The pandemic unexpectedly put a lot of our original plans to a halt. However it provided us an opportunity to step back and focus on ourselves as well as our music," said Jimin. "We reflected the emotions that we felt during this unprecedented period into this album. We were also able to take a step further by taking roles in overall production, such as concept development, composition and visual design."

The title of their new album is a testament to the group's evolution, with Jin describing it as a "page in our diary" of the current times. "The album title Be represents ‘being’ and captures the honest thoughts and emotions we are feeling at the moment," he said. "We’ve included a lot of chill and laid-back songs that anyone can enjoy, so we hope many people can find comfort through this album. I think this album will give us an opportunity to grow further as artists who can represent the current times through music."

He noted that it's likely we can all agree that 2020 didn't go as anyone planned. If it had, BTS would be on a world tour now. The upside, though, was that they got to release their smash No. 1 hit "Dynamite" as the world remained on lockdown. "Through the many ups and downs we realized that 'life goes on,' which is the message we wanted to deliver through our new upcoming album BE," said J-Hope. "We hope our audiences can find healing and comfort through this album."

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