Tomorrow X Together Dance Through a Pastel Carnival in 'Blue Hour' Video: Watch

TXT "Blue Hour"
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TXT "Blue Hour"

Tomorrow X Together unveiled the fantastical video for their new single "Blue Hour" on Monday (Oct. 26).

In the clip, the K-pop quintet are transported to a magical world filled with massive paintbrushes, sweater-wearing squirrels and one giant ferris wheel in the sky.

"I hate this awkwardness, I just laugh/ Baby I know we were special/ One of a kind special/ That look in your eyes like a gift box that's been emptied/ You and me in the setting sun/ But it's you, you're the one that I want/ You, everything that I want/ Blue, the blue landed next to me, everything changes," the idols sing while dancing in front of a gilded merry-go-round perched high on a cliff. (English translation of lyrics provided by YouTube.)

Later in the video, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai don pastel trenchcoats and matching hats as they dance through a field on the track's final chorus, all before the lights on the merry-go-round fade to black.

"Blue Hour" serves as the lead single to the boy band's latest EP, Minisode 1: Blue Hour, which also features tracks "Ghosting," "We Lost the Summer," "Wishlist" and "Way Home."

Released by Big Hit Entertainment, the five-track project arrives just months after the group's sophomore EP The Dream Chapter: Eternity, which dropped in May. Meanwhile, TXT's debut album, The Dream Chapter: Magic, peaked at No. 3 on Billboard's World Albums chart upon its release in 2019.

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Watch Tomorrow X Together's imaginative "Blue Hour" video below.