Here's Why YG Changed Blackpink’s 'Lovesick Girls' Music Video

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BLACKPINK "Lovesick Girls"

"Lovesick Girls" has undergone a re-do. On Wednesday (Oct. 7), YG Entertainment unveiled a new version of Blackpink's latest video, following controversy surrounding a scene in the original visual.

The drama apparently started after the Health and Medical Workers' Union of Korea objected to Jennie's portrayal as a nurse during the song's girl power-fueled second verse. "Didn't wanna be a princess, I'm priceless/ A prince not even on my list/ Love is a drug that I quit/ No doctor could help when I'm lovesick," the idol rapped while wearing the costume in the original version, which the union viewed as sexual objectification of their profession.

And while Blinks took to social media in defense of the girl group, Blackpink's label ultimately made the decision to re-edit the music video and replace Jennie's scenes with a different look. (In the updated version, she now wears a chic beige sweater-dress and matching boots while clutching an edgy teddy bear.)

"While working on the music video for a long time, we did not expect this issue to be raised because [the scenes] had no specific intention to them. We feel greatly responsible for this and will consider it an opportunity to deeply learn," YG Entertainment said in a statement, via Soompi. "We relay our apologies to the nurses who felt discomfort, and we once again express our respect to all healthcare workers who are working hard for the sake of the health of the citizens."

Following premiere on Oct. 1, the "Lovesick Girls" video garnered more than 61 million views within the first 24 hours after its release, becoming the sixth largest music video debut in YouTube history. Additionally, the video has notched a total of more than 140 million views in the week since, though it's unclear whether that count includes views earned before the original version was taken down.

Billboard has reached out to reps for additional comment.

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Check out the updated version of Blackpink's "Lovesick Girls" below.