BTS Soar With Epic 'Black Swan' Performance on 'Tonight Show,' Play Silliest Dance Game Ever With Jimmy

The guys also described what they were like in high school and previewed their "BE" album.

Night three of BTS' Tonight Show takeover was jam-packed with activity, including a spirited performance of the Map of the Soul: 7 song "Black Swan," and a very silly pantomime game that revealed the K-pop septet's physical comedy skills. They also gave a sneak peek at the upcoming deluxe edition of their BE album, talked Grammy dreams and what they were like in high school.

As with the previous performances, this one was an elaborate fantasia, which found the group's members dressed all in black dancing and singing inside an elaborate, verdant tropical setting, surrounded by lush plants inside a stone cathedral. With light pouring in through a towering stained glass window, the group pulled off a fierce performance, even if the only thing people could talk about was Jungkook's man bun and see-through shirt.

So far this week the band has run through "Home," "Dynamite" and "Idol" in their Tonight Show residency, but Wednesday night (Sept. 30) had them really diving in, especially during a game of "Dance Your Feelings With BTS." The game was simple: create an improvised dance to the random feeling on the screen. First up were Jungkook and V who were tasked with joyful. It wasn't clear what Jungkook was doing running in circles with his thumb out, but V definitely took the round thanks to some serious hip action.

It was a bit tighter between Jimin and J-Hope, who needed to embody shy. Both covered their faces and tried to hide their heads with their hands, with J-Hope somehow coming out on top. When host Jimmy Fallon took on RM during a round of surprised dancing, the professional comedian pulled out all his silliest moves in a slam-dunk win. The final matchup had Jin and Suga trying to channel calm with subtle, barely perceptible stretching and head nods that gave Jin the win.

"The Grammys is definitely the most honorable music award," said Suga, who reminisced about watching the broadcast as a kid, specifically Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne, Kanye West and a very pregnant MIA's 2009 performance of "Swagga Like Us." They also discussed how they celebrated their seventh anniversary as a group, staying connected to the ARMY during quarantine and what fans can expect from BE.

"We poured in the emotions that we feel now, such as joy and sorrow, into this album," explained Jimin. "there are a lot of good songs as good as 'Dynamite.'"

Watch the "Black Swan" performance below, see who won the "Dance" off and hear them talk "Dynamite" hitting No. 1, Grammy dreams and their awkward high school years.

BTS Performs 'Dynamite' on 'Tonight Show' With The Roots | Billboard News

BTS Performs 'Dynamite' on 'Tonight Show' With The Roots | Billboard News