Watch SuperM's High-Octane Performance of '100' on 'Good Morning America'

Courtesy of SM Entertainment


SuperM made their U.S. morning TV debut on Thursday (Aug. 20) by performing their new single "100" on Good Morning America.

Videoing in directly from Seoul, the idols blasted through their performance, nailing energetic choreography in all-white outfits. "Okay, top notch, hit the spot, looking jackpot/ Look above, we belong high up top/ Tryna bring us down, but we got too hot/ All around, not optional, we be unstoppable, yeah," Mark rapped in the opening verse before tossing the spotlight to Baekhyun and Taeyong with ad-libs from Lucas, Kai and Ten.

As Mark explained in a brief interview prior to the supergroup's performance, the K-pop septet -- made up of members from EXO, Shinee, NCT 127 and WayV -- delivered the high-octane track on the same set they used for their Beyond Live virtual concert back in April.

"We debuted in L.A. last year, and so we have a very special connection with our fans ever since," Baekhyun said in Korean during the sit-down (as translated by Mark), before Lucas jumped in, adding, "We love our fans and we could not be here without them."

Last year, SuperM became the first K-pop group in history to top the Billboard 200 with their debut EP, SuperM - The First Mini Album, and now they're readying their first full-length studio set Super One. Featuring "100" as its lead single, the LP is slated to drop Sept. 25 via SM Entertainment and Capitol Records.

Check out SuperM's full interview and performance on Good Morning America below.