5 Times BTS' Jungkook Showed His Love For Justin Bieber (And One Time JB Loved Him Back)

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment


With BTS' status as a worldwide musical sensation, member Jungkook has made it loud and clear on multiple occasions which other international household name he honors.

Billboard reflects on five times Jungkook proved he was a Belieber, and the one time Justin Bieber confirmed his ARMY status.

Jungkook named Bieber as his main musical influence.

During an interview with Ozy in 2017, members of the South Korean septet shared  which Western musical artists they looked up to for inspiration. RM noted Drake, V mentioned John Legend and Jungkook name-dropped Bieber.

He covered David Guetta and Bieber's "2U."

Jungkook loves to upload covers of hit songs, so it comes as no surprise that he lent his voice to one of Bieber's tunes. In 2017, he posted a gentle instrumental cover of "2U" by Guetta and Bieber on BTS' SoundCloud account.

Jungkook danced to "Sorry."

Jungkook is not apologizing for his love for the Bieb's anytime soon. The 22-year-old superstar showed off his own signature moves apart from the Bangtan Boys' while jamming to the Purpose hit.

He used BTS' Twitter account to promote the "Yummy" music video.

With a clear sweet spot for the "Yummy" artist, Jungkook leveraged BTS' Twitter account -- which boasts 27.4 million followers -- to make his Belieber status even more public by sharing the music video with a few affirming emojis.

Jungkook covered Dan + Shay and Bieber's "10,000 Hours."

For another one of his famous covers, Jungkook took on Dan + Shay's romantic hit with his syrupy sweet vocals, which they couldn't get enough of. "Love this so much," the country-pop duo replied on Twitter when BTS shared the cover with the caption "10000 Hours Repeat." BTS collaborator Max also put his stamp of approval on Jungkook's rendition.

And Bieber showed all this love back when he wished Jungkook a happy birthday.

The Changes singer knows all too well how big of a Belieber the BTS member is. So when Jungkook's 22nd birthday came around on Sept. 1 last year, Bieber sent his well wishes a day early. "Happy bday #JUNGKOOK . They ain't ready 🙂 now watch this tweet go crazy," he tweeted.

The message sure went crazy with more than a million likes, but what does "they ain't ready" mean? Could a collaboration between the two be in the works? Only time will tell.