BTS Will Melt Your Hearts With the Romantic 'Stay Gold'

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment 


BTS know all about summer lovin'. And with their latest track, "Stay Gold," they're having a blast. The previously unreleased big-beat ballad that was included as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of their recent Map of the Soul: 7 album hit streaming on Friday (June 19) and it is another earworm classic.

"Even the clock hands/ Will stop moving/ Uh let it glow," V sings in the pre-chorus before Jungkook, Jimin and Jin blend their voices for the soaring chorus (lyric translation courtesy of Genius), "Stay gold Even in a dream/ Stay gold/ I'll find you/ Stay gold, gold/ I want to see you/ Stay gold/ You are everything/ Stay gold/ For everyone."

The K-pop supergroup recently celebrated their seventh anniversary at Festa 2020 and Jimin followed up with an update on the band's upcoming album. “We’re going to keep being here like this, so all you have to do is enjoy it so that you can smile and be happy, as you do now and have in the past," he said. "I hope that it will be like that and you won’t go through any hard times. We’re going to all be here together so that can happen. Thank you so much."

More importantly, he added, "Lately we’re all meeting to have discussions so we can make the album. The last time, we talked a lot about whether such-and-such a topic or idea would be good." He revealed that the concept of the upcoming LP has been decided and that each of his band mates has been hard at work writing songs. "Since I’m the PM, I put all the songs the members wrote together and sent them to the agency...I also sent in a few songs, but I think mine won’t make it, because the members have sent in so many great songs."

Listen to "Stay Gold" below.