From Ariana Grande to Maroon 5, Here's What K-Pop Artists Are Listening to During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As the global coronavirus pandemic continues, people around the world are seeking solace in their favorite tunes and artists. Since voices and melodies resonate across borders and cultures, members of K-pop acts are sharing their go-to songs during this period with Billboard

It turns out TWICE, ATEEZ, LOONA and more are turning to everything from classic soul to cheery, decade-old K-pop to rock and pop for comfort during this time. See what they're listening to, and find out why these tunes make them feel better.

Maroon 5 - “Memories”

“The song itself is so good. I think the lyrics are really touching as well. It’s a song that I really want to sing in the future if given the opportunity.” - AB6IX’s Woong

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, “Stuck With U”

“I’m a big fan of both artists from the get go. I want to recommend it because it’s one of those song that is good to listen to in a cozy atmosphere.” - AB6IX’s Donghyun

Keren Ann, “Not Going Anywhere”

“Whenever I listen to this song, the song makes me comfortable. The song is very smooth, and I can feel various emotions. Sometimes I feel stuck as we continue to be in self-quarantine because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Whenever it happens, I listen to this song and the song comforts us. For now, A.C.E will try our best to keep practicing to show better performances and songs, waiting for the moment that we can meet our fans in near future!” - A.C.E’s Jun

EDEN, “Heaven” feat. Heize

“I recommend this song, as it goes well with the current weather in Korea. Also it is the song by EDEN, who is the senior producer at our company. It has a meaning that anywhere in our daily lives can become heaven. It would be great if you can listen to this song with your family and close friends next to you!” - ATEEZ’s Jung Woo Young

Jung Seung-Hwan, “Still Here”

“I think that this song is a perfect combination of piano melody and the singer’s voice. If you focus on the lyrics when you listen to this song, you can feel more of his emotions.” - ATEEZ’s Choi Jong Ho

Red Velvet, “Psycho”

“It’s really impressive how the lyrics of the song interpreted the word ‘psycho’ in a different light. I’m constantly touched by the beautiful melody, and the more I hear it, the more I feel happy and sad at the same time. ... I think the song really is ‘psycho.’” The Boyz’s Q

Bruno Major, “Nothing”

“‘Nothing’ is one of those songs I can listen to whenever, and the music is just so calm! The lyrics and the melody make it a nice song to listen to, and the instrumental and chord arrangements make it music to my ears. I especially enjoy listening to it before sleeping!” - The Boyz’s Jacob

Damien Rice, “Delicate”

“I’ve been listening to this song the most lately! I want to recommend this because it calms your mind.” - CLC’s Seungyeon

Janelle Monáe, “Electric Lady” feat. Solange

“Hope you listen to fun songs especially during these trying times and feel better.” - (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

Keira Knightley, “Coming Up Roses”

“The message of this song is that no matter what happens, things will get better. It’s an easy listening song anyone can enjoy.” - (G)I-DLE’s Minnie

Henri Purnell, “Can You Hear Me”

“This song is about not losing hope in the dark and continuing to run in search of light. You can relax by listening to the chill beats.” - (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

TRXD and Peder Elias, “Care Less”

“The lyrics are positive, and now that the weather is getting warmer, you can refresh and chill by listening to this track.” - CLC’s Yeeun

“I can imagine the sea right in front of us, just listening to this song at home alone. It would be good to listen to this song in the upcoming summer season in Korea, as the song has an exciting tempo, making people feel good. Additionally, the lyrics are impressive, like our song 'BAZOOKA!' as it comforts us not to worry too much.” - GWSN’s Lena

Babyface, “We’ve Got Love”

“This song has hopeful lyrics that make me feel warm. I hope that everyone will not forget that we have love everywhere, even in the hardest times. That is why I recommend this song.” - GWSN’s Anne

Taeyeon, “Why”

“I feel uplifted whenever I listen to this song, so it’s perfect to listen to lift my mood during times like these.” - LOONA’s HeeJin

TWICE, “Cheer Up”

“I recommend this song to thank and cheer all the front-line workers keeping us safe.” - LOONA’s HyunJin

BOL4, “Bom”

“This is a song I listen to a lot these days. The song has a very spring vibe to it, so I think it’s a great song for everyone staying at home to be able to feel spring.” - LOONA’s YeoJin

Taeyeon, “The Blue Night of Jeju Island”

“It’s a refreshing song that makes you think you’re on a quick holiday nearby. And despite staying at home, it will heal you by making you imagine you’re away somewhere. ” - LOONA’s ViVi

Etham, “Purpose”

“This is a song that I listen to quite often while I’m home. I think it’ll be nice to think that so many of us who are staying at home are listening to the same song as we try to overcome COVID-19.” - LOONA’s Kim Lip

Yerin Baek, “Rest”

“I listen to Yerin Baek’s songs a lot. ‘Rest’ is a song that makes me feel comfortable and happy whenever I listen to it, so I would like to overcome COVID-19 by listening to this song together.” - LOONA’s Kim Lip

Red Velvet - “Happiness”

“I recommend this song because I think it will make you feel better and happier as we go about our repetitive daily lives.” - LOONA’s JinSoul

Taeyeon, “Happy”

“I recommend this song so that we can all dream of happier days in the future.” - LOONA’s JinSoul

Girls’ Generation, “Way to Go”

“This is a song that we as a group listen to whenever we’re going through a hard time, and I hope everyone will also be able to cheer up while listening to this song.” - LOONA’s Choerry

Lee Jin Ah, “Bye Bye Bye (Night, Sea, Travel)”

“Even the title of this song has all my favorite elements. I recommend that you listen to this song while thinking about a night trip to the sea!” - LOONA’s Choerry


“I recommend this song to encourage everyone to stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, to flatten the curve and do our part to help the frontline workers. Let’s all hang in there a little bit more during these difficult times!” - LOONA’s Yves

LOONA, “Number 1”

“This is a song that I personally really like! It's a song that gives you courage and comfort, so I recommend it to comfort those who are exhausted from COVID-19.” - LOONA’s Chuu

LOONA yyxy, “One Way”

“This song is from LOONA yyxy’s first album. The lyrics itself are very comforting and memorable, and they are about wishing you only happy memories, which is why I recommend it.” - LOONA’s Chuu

Day6, “When You Love Someone”

“It’s a very comforting song, so I recommend this song because it will make you feel better.” - LOONA’s Go Won

Taeyeon, “Feel So Fine”

“This song gives me strength, so I think others who also listen to this will be able to find the courage to spread their wings again.” - LOONA’s Go Won

Red Velvet, “You Better Know”

“The lyrics feel like it’s trying to tell you something, so I recommend it to those who are exhausted.” - LOONA’s Olivia Hye


“Our upcoming song 'MORE & MORE' is so fun, and has really fun choreography attached to it. We’re hoping that you enjoy it once it is out on June 1!” - TWICE’s Jihyo

“I also recommend 'MORE & MORE' since it is a great summer song that we hope everyone enjoys!" -TWICE’s Dahyun

TWICE, “Feel Special”

“Our song 'Feel Special' is important to share right now because a lot of people around the world are going through a lot, and I want these lyrics to be used to give them encouragement. We are still special no matter what, and we will get through these times.” -TWICE’s Dahyun

IU, “Eight” feat. Suga

“I am a fan of IU’s voice; her voice is so enchanting. I love this song and music video!” - TWICE’s Tzuyu

Aretha Franklin, “I Say a Little Prayer”

"I’d also like to add this song because it makes me feel both excited and calm at the same time. I love listening to the original from Aretha Franklin, as well as all the covers!" - TWICE’s Tzuyu



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