RM Just Gave a Very Exciting BTS Update: Watch

If you woke up on Friday morning (April 17) and felt like there wasn't much to look forward to, well, that's about to change.

BTS's RM participated in a livestream for the group's BANGTANTV YouTube channel on Friday, saying that the K-pop superstars are just looking for something new to do now that all their shows have been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a translation of the stream on Soompi.

"It’s nothing much, we just wanted to share what we’ve been doing to feel more connected and that we’re doing a lot of things together," he said. "From now on, we plan to share our lives with you about once a week.”

Oh, and he just casually mentioned that BTS is already starting work on the follow-up to February's Map of the Soul: 7 album.

"I’m sure many of you have guessed by now, but we’re going to be releasing another album," he said in the 10-minute clip, in which he sat in an office chair with a grey hoodie over his head. "We’ve begun preparing for it. We’re going to be sharing that preparation process with you. No details have been decided as of now, we’ve only just started talking about it. That we’re going to be creating something new.

"We’re going to work hard to do that... We’re not sure when that album will be released. I’m sure there will be moments that we don’t want to show because the album making process isn’t always beautiful, but even though we don’t know what the end result will be, we’ll do our best.”

Watch RM's video below.