Watch Monsta X Reveal Which Band Member Is the Biggest Troublemaker

To celebrate the release of their latest album All About Luv, which dropped on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) and served as the South Korean boy band’s first-ever all-English language album, Monsta X swung by Billboard’s office in NYC to prove just how well they know one another.

Playing How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?, the group are posed with questions such as who is most likely to forget the lyrics to a song. After earning multiple votes, Kihyun confesses that he couldn’t remember the words to the group’s new song a day ago.

When asked which member is most likely to be a stand-up comedian, Shownu garners the most votes, with Kihyun explaining that he would be the last one to panic. Meanwhile, Minhyuk is pleasantly surprised after he is named the bandmate with the best hair.

As for who the biggest troublemaker is in Monsta X, that honor goes to I.M. Asking his bandmates why they all voted for him, Kihyun says that it’s because he disagrees with everything.

“Yeah, I disagree with this, too,” I.M jokingly replies.

You can check out the full video interview with Monsta X above to find out which member is likely to spend the most money, who posts the most selfies on Instagram, and much more.