Stray Kids Search For Themselves & End 'Clé' Album Series With 'Levanter' Music Video: Watch

Stray Kids "Levanter"
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Stray Kids "Levanter"

Stray Kids are back, this time with the ruminative “Levanter.”    

Fronting their Clé: Levanter EP, the final in their Clé album trilogy, the song, released on Monday (Dec. 9) continues the K-pop boy band’s exploration and expression of self that was previously featured in their prior albums throughout the I am… and Clé album series. In particular, “Levanter” puts the focus on Stray Kids’ aim to be the most earnest forms of themselves. 

The sleek, melodic dance track is anthemic in its angst-driven lyrics, as the eight members of the boy band search for themselves following the end of a relationship with another person. "I wanna be myself (I don't care)/ Even if it's still strange (Just don't care)/ As soon as I broke away from you, I can see myself/ Everything, all before my eyes,” they sing in the chorus.

"Levanter" was released through a music video that features the members of Stray Kids seemingly searching for a new world, though a ticket to it is seen burning halfway through the cinematic music video, though things ultimately end with an eclipse and the declaration, “Step out of clé.” The final moments feature the touching, "Stray kids everywhere all around the world, you make Stray Kids stay,” a nod to the band and their fandom, Stay. 

The song was written by Stray Kids’ internal team 3racha, and also features lyrics by JYP Entertainment’s CEO J.Y. Park. It, along with prior releases “Astronaut” and “Double Knot,” are featured on the new album. 

Check out the music video for Stray Kids’ “Levanter” below.