SuperM & BoA Star in Sleek Korean Air Safety Video: Watch

Courtesy Photo


K-pop stars often release songs that are featured in ad campaigns, but the latest release from boy band SuperM takes thing to a whole new, skyhigh level. The SM Entertainment supergroup, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last month with their debut EP, appear alongside BoA -- the first K-pop star to appear on the Billboard 200 back in 2009 and also an SM icon -- in Korean Air’s new safety video.

The glossy, sci-fi-esque visual for the song “Let’s Go Everywhere” is a hybrid of a high-energy music video and an instructional film featuring BoA’s soothing safety directions. It dropped online late Sunday night (Nov. 3, Nov. 4 in South Korea) and will be featured on Korean Air flights starting on Monday.

According to SM Entertainment, the profits from the song will be donated to Global Citizen. NCT 127, another SM group, performed at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City in September; two members of that act, Mark and Taeyong, also appear in SuperM. 

On the YouTube page for Korean Air, which shared the video, the company wrote: "We’re proud to launch our new Safety Video, the first project presented by Korean Air and SuperM! Have you ever wondered what Korean Air’s airplane might look like in the future? Well, now you can take a ride with SuperM on Korean Air’s airplane of the future. Settle in and watch the in-flight safety video presented by global K-pop group, SuperM!"

Watch the safety video below.