Taeyeon Finds 'Purpose' On New Album, Lights a 'Spark': Watch

Courtesy Photo

Taeyeon, "Spark"

K-pop star Taeyeon is back today (Oct. 28) sharing her Purpose with the world on her second LP, fronted by the inspiring new song “Spark.”

The Girls’ Generation singer’s latest is an album featuring a cohesive series of soulful pop songs, through which the 30-year-old shares how she has found her Purpose in life with her music. A feeling of optimism and moving forward through the tough times permeates throughout, similarly to how it did on her prior LP, 2017’s My Voice, as Taeyeon sings about life and love, and is exemplified on the single “Spark.” 

Shared through a choreography-focused music video, "Spark" puts Taeyeon's fiery determination to succeed front-and-center as she ignites the world with the song's clapping chorus and sweet, jazzy melody. Bolstered by a series of dancers and the light of dawn, Taeyeon spends the song declaring how it's time to ignite the motivational "Spark" and "stay red" while fanning the flames of ambition.

"Yesterday you were just dreaming on the road, like a little bird, like a little bird," she sings. "It's time, it's your time/ Breathe into it, wake up the spark/ blaze up high not to blow out." 

Immediately prior to its planned release, Taeyeon’s label SM Entertainment announced that the music video for “Spark” was delayed slightly, and trended worldwide on Twitter as a result. It arrived several hours after the release of Purpose

Along with 10 new tracks, Purpose also features two other tracks previously released by Taeyeon in March, including her single “Four Seasons,” which are available only on the physical version of the album.  

Take a listen to Taeyeon’s Purpose below.