Winner are 'Soso' in Raw Video: Watch

Winner's "So So"

Winner's "So So"

"I'm not super emotional or emotionless just so so,” declare Winner in their new song, “Soso," which dropped on Wednesday (Oct. 23). The song is a dramatic tune from the Korean band written by Winner's Yoon with songwriter AiRPLAY, and features lyrics by Yoon with Mino and Hoony.

Sonically, it flits between moments of hazy, tropical groove and echoing, boisterous chants, before descending into a state of melancholy during the chorus, as the members of WINNER reflect on the idea of acting “Soso” even when you are struggling -- putting on a good face while life is hard. 

To match the lyrical vibe of “Soso," which serves up a rather negative emotion rather than a neutral one, the video is anything but, a depiction of feeling alright as the rawness of human emotion is relayed through intense scenes acted out by the group's members. Feelings of being stomped on and tied up by emotions and those around you are acted out, as is the idea of baring it all -- a rarity in the K-pop world -- while emotions such as lethargy, anger and melancholy are expressed through a variety of moments splintered across the screen.

“Soso” is the lead single from Winner's new EP Cross, also out today. The title reportedly refers to how the four members blend their unique styles together in a crossover effect, and is accordingly a hybrid release featuring both joint songs from all of the members as well as Hoony’s solo “Flamenco” and Yoon’s “Wind.”

Cross was preceded by WINNER's We in May, which peaked at No. 6 on the World Albums chart. 

Watch the music video for “Soso” below.