SuperM Wonder Why Ellen Is So 'Curious' About Their Relationship Status During U.S. TV Debut

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

SuperM on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Oct. 9, 2019.

K-pop group SuperM jopped onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (Oct. 9), marking their first-ever televised appearance.

The boy band, a hybrid team featuring members of EXO, NCT 127, SHINee and WayV, met up with Ellen while in town for their debut showcase in Los Angeles last weekend. They chatted with the host and also performed their single “Jopping.” 

During the interview segment, they introduced themselves -- and Baekhyun comedically said that people can call him “Bacon” instead of his own name, while Taeyong gave a shout-out to his mom that he’s on Ellen -- and performed their first single “Jopping." They even tried to get Ellen to do the jumping and popping dance moves that inspired the track.

They also discussed their fandom name and catchphrase, with Mark revealing that they had nixed a tagline similar to that of The Avengers' iconic "Assemble!"

When Ellen asked if they were all single, the members said that yes, they were, but Mark sent the question back to the host, asking, “Wait, why are you always curious about this, though?" to which Ellen responded, "It's my job. I want [the fans] to be happy. Also, you never know, for the future."   

Before leaving the stage, the members of SuperM gifted $50,000 to The Ellen Fund, Ellen’s wildlife fund that is currently focusing on raising funds to help The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.   

Watch SuperM’s interview with Ellen and performance of “Jopping” below.