Ateez Are Future-Facing in New 'Wonderland' Video: Watch

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Ateez, "Wonderland"

It’s taken almost a year, but K-pop boy band ATEEZ have finally found the Treasure in the finale of their debut-era album series with the release of their new EP today (Oct. 8), Treasure Ep. Fin: All to Action. 

All to Action is the fourth album in the eight-member act’s Treasure series, and features 11 tracks, including the propulsive single “Wonderland.” Propelled by its dynamic instrumentals, including bombastic drums and horns, and ATEEZ’s charismatic raps and vocals, the song comes across as a war cry of sorts from the boy band, who spend its length proclaiming that they're going to create a new sort of world, or “Wonderland,” where everyone's dreams can thrive, where the likes of Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow serve as inspiration.

Like all the songs on the album aside from the instrumental intro and outro tracks, rappers Hongjoong and Mingi are featured as lyricists on "Wonderland," while Hongjoong also co-wrote the song "Sunrise." Frequent collaborators Eden, Leez, Buddy, and Ollounder wrote the majority of the tracks on Treasure Ep. Fin: All to Action

“Wonderland” was released alongside a music video that features the members of ATEEZ in uniforms as they serve as both soldiers and bandleaders, dramatically relaying the single through their aggressive choreography, matching each beat of the song with swaggering, powerful dance moves as they call all of their audience to action. Backed by a marching band, the men of ATEEZ stare down a new path -- and doors opening into the unknown -- with familiar trappings, most notably baring their signature flag. 

Since getting their start last October, ATEEZ has rapidly become one of the most popular rookie K-pop boy bands, gaining a reputation for their impactful performances and distinct sonic style, and have frequently appeared on Billboard charts, including the World Album charts. They signed with RCA earlier this year.

Watch the music video for it below.