CLC Warns Against the 'Devil' in New Single: Watch the Music Video

CLC Devil
Courtesy Photo

CLC, "Devil"

K-pop girl group CLC is trying to be so polite, but are going to turn into a “Devil” in their new single that pays homage to their discography. 

Released today (Sept. 5), “Devil” is the septet’s third Korean single of 2019 following "No" and "Me.” In it, the members assert themselves and warn another person about how their devilish nature has been awakened by the others' bad behavior.  

"Devil" offers a bit of a divergence for CLC from their more recent, fiercely confident dance tracks, returning the act back to the retro-pop vibes of their early days, evoking the legacy of their 2015 debut single “Pepe” with its groovy melody even while keeping it more along their more recent leanings by incorporating a trap-infused rap bridge. The song fittingly appears to reference other tracks from the group, with the introductory verse mentioning several accessories they said “No” to in their earlier 2019 song, while a later one features a shout-out to “Black Dress."  

The music video for "Devil" similarly features what fans on social media have spotted are apparent nods to earlier CLC music videos. 

Throughout it all, the women play around and hang out together while wearing retro looks that would make Cher Horowitz jealous as they surreptitiously try to harm one another, devils that they are. Continuing with the '90s vibes, they don jean-on-jean looks for the choreography sequences, confidentiality performing the track's dance moves. Towards the end, things get a bit witchy, when the act's members don black and leather looks, and feast at a table full of doll limbs, eyeballs, black roses, and more as they prepare to do some harm with a hammer. 

Watch the music for CLC's “Devil” below.