DPR CREAM On Debut Solo Album: I Want My Music to 'Touch a Wide Range Of People'

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DPR CREAM, "Color Drive"

DPR CREAM, a producer in the hip-hop crew DPR‚Äč (Dream Perfect Regime), is known for blending jazz vibes with R&B, hip-hop, and electronic sounds.

CREAM produces and otherwise collaborates with DPR members, including South Korean rapper DPR LIVE. Now, he's released his first solo album, The Voyager 737, which features two tracks ("Color Drive" and "Problems").

Billboard Korea spoke to CREAM about his solo debut and more. Check it out below.

What is the DPR crew's creative process like?

Our ways of working together always vary, depending on the project. Sometimes it can start from a visual, while sometimes it starts straight from the music production process. Nonetheless, one thing that’s certain is that we all get together to share ideas and discuss. It’s been that way ever since we started.

What made you decide to release music as a solo artist?

It’s actually a funny story. Initially, I had no plans of debuting as an artist. I was already loving what I do as a producer in DPR, so I didn’t really think beyond that. However, in the past few months, I found myself fiddling around with the tracks I made and just putting basic vocals over it. You could say they were rough guides. However, I didn’t really think much of it. Then one day, DPR IAN came by and overheard the tracks, which then he proceeded to telling all the other members and eventually, turned into a huge discussion of me debuting as an official artist myself under DPR. That happened roughly about two months ago…and now, we're here!

What's the concept behind The Voyager 737?

The name of the album is derived from the concept of space and the possibility of infinite exploration. The car I’m seen in pictured in is The Voyager 737 -- it is the craft that allows me to travel beyond through the music I create. I believe everyone has their own color, therefore their own universe. Thus, I’d like to use my artistic platform as a way to explore various sounds, various topics, and ultimately make music that can touch a wide range of people.

You play the piano, and seem to enjoy jazz. What other genres do you find inspire your work?

Ever since I began my career as a producer, I made it my focus to learn the piano. In doing so, I learned different styles by myself -- one focus at the time was jazz, hence why I have that identity heavily displayed and referenced in my piano playing to this day. However, upon meeting all the DPR guys, I’ve learned to really broaden my musical scope, just due to the fact that we all enjoy various genres of music.

What do you and the DPR crew wish to achieve?

Our answer has been the same ever since: to consistently put out quality content -- whether it be the visuals or the music. That is and always will be our main goal.

What's next for DPR CREAM?

I can’t give away too many details at the moment, but now that I’ve officially debuted, I’ll be continuing to not only produce, but also make more music on my own in the near future. I have a lot more sounds and styles I’d like to experiment with, that’s for sure.

A version of this article originally appeared on Billboard Korea.