BTS Meet Lauv During Historic Wembley Show, Break Down in Tears Of Joy On Stage: Watch

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment


Never let it be said that BTS don't get caught up in the moment. The superstar K-poppers made the most of their landmark headlining gig at London's Wembley Stadium on Saturday night (June 1), nodding to the venue's rich history in a pre-show press conference, where they also let it be known that they are totally down for a Coldplay or Paul McCartney collaboration if that's a thing. 

There were also some on-stage tears from an overwhelmed Jungkook during the raucous gig, and a meet-up with Lauv and Honne backstage. But before they got down to business, the boys sat down for a packed press conference, where, according to the NME, they spilled the beans on their dream collaborators. "For a long time, I have loved Coldplay and I have always enjoyed listening to their music. We turned on Coldplay when we got in the car in the UK,” V said, with RM adding, "They came to Korea like years ago, and J-Hope and I went to their concert. We saw Chris Martin and the other band members, and it was a great memory. I think everybody loves Coldplay.”

And while they're starting to blanch a bit at the "Beatles of the 21st century" designation, RM said it would be a "great honor" if they could get in the studio with McCartney. "I think it’s fair to say a lot of musicians have been influenced by the Beatles," RM said. "We were very grateful to be called that, and it makes us feel that we are doing good. It’s an honour.” Suga said that the honor album comes with a weight, though. "It’s a bit of a burden to be called The Beatles of the 21st century. We are BTS. We want to be the BTS of the 21st century," he said.

Don't think they weren't also well aware of the venue's significance, with Suga noting that, until recently, the Tottenham Hotspur football club played in the stories stadium where he also recalled that Queen gave their unforgettable Live Aid performance in 1985. “Wembley holds huge significance. As a singer, there are some dream stages. Since I was young, when I watched Queen at Live Aid, I have dreamed of performing here,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep last night, thinking that I am performing at Wembley.”

As for the actual show, it was all love, tears (see: Jungkook) and instant memories. Check out tweets from their big night, including a meet up with Lauv and Honne, below.