Tomorrow X Together Perform in the U.S. For First Time, Unveil Acoustic Version of 'Our Summer'

The future of K-pop made its American debut last night, with the first-ever performance by TOMORROW X TOGETHER in the States.

The five-member group, also known as TXT, appeared at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square yesterday (May 9). Coming just a few weeks after they released their Billboard 200-ranking debut EP The Dream Chapter: Star, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai performed their five upbeat songs, including singles “Crown” and the English-language “Cat & Dog,” in front of over 2,100 fans.

The teenage boy band also premiered the live rendition of their song “Our Summer” for the first time, putting a twist on the previously never-before-seen-performed song and serving up an acoustic rendition of the The Dream Chapter: STAR b-side.

Along with performing their songs, the quintet used the night to introduce themselves to their U.S. fans for the first time. They incorporated a game of Jenga into the hour-long show, which saw them answering questions and carrying out tasks, speaking predominantly in English.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is the first group from Big Hit Entertainment since the company launched BTS in 2012. They’ll be hitting up five other cities in coming weeks as part of their sold-out Star In U.S. showcase series.  

Check out more video clips from the evening:

The group also shared some thoughts about the show and photos from behind the scenes: