NCT 127 Talk Love of Migos, Perks of Being a Multicultural Group & New Album 'We Are Superhuman': Watch

Last week, NCT 127 kicked off their very first North American tour, and Billboard was on the scene at their Prudential Center show in New Jersey to chat with the band about how they got their name, the benefits of being a multicultural group, what fans can expect from their forthcoming album and much more.

Asked how the group decided on the name NCT 127, Mark tells Billboard’s Tamar Herman that “NCT” stands for “Neo Culture Technology” and that “127” is the longitude of Seoul, Korea. “With that meaning, we have the meaning to start from Seoul and spread our K-pop and spread our music all over the world, globally,” he explains.

NCT 127’s members next discuss the perks of being a multicultural group, with Jaehyun noting that having a mix of languages spoken helps them interact better with their fans. “When we go to Japan, we learn Japanese from Yuta, he’s from Japan. When we’re in Korea, there’s our Korean members, and when we come to America, we have people who use English,” he states. “So it’s really good to interact with our fans more closely.”

In the interview, the K-pop act also open up about their next collection of songs titled We Are Superhuman. Speaking of the track “Superhuman,” Johnny says it's about how everyone has the potential to be their own superhero. “We can do it. We all are superhuman,” he adds.

You can watch the full video above to find out much more from NCT 127, including that Taeyong likes Jaehyun and his dimples, which band member is a huge Migos fan and who is currently loving Lil Dicky, and which of the guys like pineapple on their pizza.