EXO's Chanyeol Releases First Solo Single 'SSFW'

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Park Chanyeol of K-pop boy band EXO released his first official solo single on Thursday (April 25), “SSFW.”

The star, who is typically known mononymously by his given name, has released a variety of one-off songs in association with other projects and collaborative tracks in the past, but “SSFW” is his first official release as a soloist.

An upbeat pop ballad with groovy instrumentals that makes the most of Chanyeol’s warm, mellow vocal tone, “SSFW” was released through label SM Entertainment’s weekly SM Station digital release project. The title refers to the seasons of the year -- the song’s Korean title translates to literally mean “Spring Summer Fall Winter” -- as the 26-year-old sings and raps sweetly about a love that grows as the seasons pass.

Chanyeol shared “SSFW” not only in Korean, but also recorded and released Japanese and Chinese versions of the track, as well as an instrumental alternate of the song through digital music platforms.

“SSFW” was shared along with a captivating music video that depicts the seasons of love as seen through Chanyeol's eyes, showing him and a woman as he watches her change with each step of the seasons while his love grows.

Chanyeol got his start as a rapper of EXO in 2012. Over the years, he's honed his skills not only as a rapper-singer, but also as a songwriter and has regularly been credited on EXO's discography.

Watch the music video for Chanyeol’s “SSFW” here: