Watch SF9's In Seong React to 'Enough' in His First Viewing of the Music Video

Check out which parts the K-pop singer had to re-watch, his favorite visual elements & how it stacks up to past SF9 videos.

YouTube is flowing with different channels and creators reacting to K-pop music videos, but rarely does the community get to see one of its own stars share their first viewings.

Billboard was on hand with SF9 singer In Seong as the 25-year-old got his first look at his band's latest music video to new single "Enough." With already four million views, the visual showed off a dark and reflective side of the nine-member boy band and earned a glowing review from its main vocalist.

"I think this is the best music video I've ever seen from our music videos," he shared in his reflection. "I'm really excited for what fans think about this because I think it's really good...personally, I really like our outfits in this music video, it's really sexy and charismatic."

Watch the full reaction video above to see which parts In Seong had to re-watch and more about the visual concepts above. Then, watch the full "Enough" video below: