Monsta X's I.M Teams Up With Elhae on 'Horizon' Video: Watch

Monsta X featuring Elhae, "Horizon"
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Monsta X featuring Elhae, "Horizon"

Monsta X’s rapper I.M (Im Chankyun) released his first mixtape Thursday (April 18). The two-song Horizon was released through digital music platforms, and fronted by a title track of the same name featuring Elhae.

“Horizon” is a chill take on melodic alt R&B, with I.M putting forth calmer vibes than are typically associated with K-pop boy band Monsta X, where he more generally serves as an agressive, gruff toned rapper. Paired with Elhae’s smooth verses and reverberating tone, the track is a contemplative and effusive love song.

I.M and Elhae, who have worked on the collaboration for over two years together according to a press release about the song, both appear in the music video for "Horizon." Fittingly for the atmospheric nature of the song, the clip features I.M rapping as he reflects on the relationship amid vibrant Seoul scenery while Elhae appears as a floating head in futuristic CGI setting surrounded by classically inspired columns, a recurring element in the music video.

Horizon also features the b-side “Scent.” Unlike “Horizon, which is all in English, “Scent” is dominated by Korean and has the rapper showing off a variety of tonal styles over a groovy beat.

The release of I.M’s solo projects comes ahead of Monsta X’s upcoming world tour, which will see the group visit North America this summer.

Watch the music video for I.M and Elhae’s “Horizon” below.