BTS Fans Camp Out Ahead of 'SNL' Performance: See the 'Cute Little Community' That's Formed Outside 30 Rock

BTS will make their Saturday Night Live debut this weekend, as the K-pop superstars will serve as the musical guest on the April 13 episode, alongside host Emma Stone. Even though their late-night appearance is still a few days away, members of the BTS ARMY are already queueing up outside 30 Rock in the hopes of getting into the big event.

Billboard News host Jordyn Rolling stopped by to speak with some of those dedicated fans on Thursday (April 11) to find out just how long they've been there and why the BTS fandom feels like one big family.

Speaking with the crowd of fans, Rolling discovers that one person quit their job to be there, while others have been camping out since Monday. Fortunately for the fans gathering together, it’s all about love in the BTS world -- as one person says, “ARMY and BTS is a family, they share one brain cell.”

“It’s kind of like a cute little community. It’s like a camping grounds,” adds another fan.

“Everyone was afraid of how we were going to be in this line, or how we were going to react,” notes an ARMY member. “Based on the people I just met next to me -- I’ve only known them for a day -- but I honestly feel like we could be friends forever.“

You can check out the full video above, and watch the SNL episode's promo video below.