NCT 127 'Wakey Wakey' Up the World in New Japanese Music Video: Watch

NCT 127 'Wakey-Wakey'
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NCT 127, "Wakey-Wakey"

K-pop boy band NCT 127 returned Monday (March 18) with a new Japanese song today. Released through an artfully filmed music video, “Wakey Wakey” is the team’s first single of 2019.

A boisterous dance track, “Wakey Wakey” is a sonic sequel to last year’s “Chain,” continuing the group’s exploration of industrial beats and pulsating synths. A mix of harmonious verses and swaggering raps surround the stomp of the chorus, offering up a diverse display of vocals from the nine members of NCT 127 that appear on the song.  

“Wakey Wakey” precedes the release of the group’s first Japanese LP Awaken, set to drop on April 17. It follows last May’s Chain, NCT 127’s Japanese debut EP.

The music video for "Wakey Wakey" switches off between ultra futuristic settings and scenery featuring classical European architecture and art. Throughout, a variety of digital affects filter NCT 127's visages as the members stare down the camera, both while dancing highly stylized choreography in black outfits and chains and while hanging out with cars and pulling off bright-colored retro looks. Though there's not necessarily a true plot, the video ends with the members moving to surround a seated Haechan, the group’s youngest member who recently had to take time off after fracturing a bone in his leg.

NCT 127 is one of several groups under SM Entertainment’s NCT team umbrella. The group made their debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart last year with Regular-Irregular, which peaked at No. 86 on the chart dated Oct. 27, 2018.

Watch the music video for NCT 127’s “Wakey Wakey” here: