MAMAMOO Look to a Carefree, Colorful Future With 'Gogobebe' Video: Watch

MAMAMOO, "gogobebe"
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MAMAMOO, "gogobebe"

The girl group ends the fourth installment of their season-themed EPs on an uplifting note.

MAMAMOO have returned the scene with a feel-good new single and EP to embrace looking forward to a fun future today (March 14).

After spending 2018 dipping their toes into everything from the trance-pop of "Starry Night" to Latin influences in "Egotistic" plus breezy R&B balladry on "Wind Flower," the girl group go with straight-forward electronic-pop for their first 2019 release. "Gogobebe" sees the ladies encouraging listeners to leave the daily stresses of smartphones and stuffy work clothes to shamelessly have fun and drink away their pain.

As they sing on the pre-chorus "It's okay to not be fine," the track aims to be an encouragement anthem and accomplishes that thanks to the poignant lyrics weaved through a handful of clever hooks.

The accompanying music video aligns well with the song's lyrics as the viewers watch the members leave a cramped office space and an incessantly buzzing phones for shopping and turning a mild book club meeting into a house party. Not only should the vibrant color palettes intrigue those watching (including what could be a slight homage to Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" visual during the shopping scene), but a theme around the numbers 6 and 9, which fan theories have speculated means anything from the naughty to a reference to the group working from "9 a.m. to 6 p.m." everyday since their debut on June 19, 2014 (a.k.a. 6/19) and are now having fun.

"Gogobebe" is the lead single from MAMAMOO's new EP titled White Wind, the fourth and final "season"-themed release from the quartet that included 2018's Yellow Flower, Red Moon and BLUE;S. As expected from the soulful stars, the EP delivers a blend of genres focused on showcasing impressive vocals and hard-hitting rap sections including standouts like the wispy acoustic-pop of "Waggy" along with the trap-inflected ballad "Bad Bye." The EP ends with the surging synth-pop/piano hybrid outro titled "4season" marking the end of the group's ambitious conceptual era.

MAMAMOO also recently delivered the first TV performance of the new song on Korean music program M Countdown.

Watch the video for "Gogobebe" below.