SHINee's Key Teams Up With (G)I-dle's Soyeon on 'I Wanna Be': Watch the Music Video

Key I Wanna Be
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Key, "I Wanna Be"

The same day he enlisted in South Korea’s military to fulfill the country’s mandatory draft for males, SHINee’s Key released the extended version, or repackage, of his latest album.

The follow-up to November’s FACE, I Wanna Be includes three new songs from the artist, including a groovy title track featuring (G)I-dle rapper and songwriter Soyeon.

With a subtle shout-out to the group that Key has spent more than a decade with -- “SHINee .. bling bling” can be heard at the start of the song -- “I Wanna Be” is a smooth, nostalgic dance track. Leaning alternately into smooth alt R&B and drum and bass beats, breezy synths help create a vibrant, yet evocative, tune over which Key can sweetly, strongly sing and Soyeon can deadpan-rap about wanting to always be by the side of someone they want to love.

Key's final single for the time being sees the singer exploring a dramatic world full of vibrant hues and, later, taking to the open sky, showing off dynamic choreography with a team of dancers. Soyeon makes an appearance, but rather than ending up together as the song would suggest, the pair end up parting and the clip ends with Key on his own.

The new version of Key’s album features two other new songs in addition to the tracks previously featured on FACE: “Show Me” is a boisterous pop rock track, while "Cold" is a smooth alt R&B song with Hanhae and was previously released last month.

Key enlisted in South Korea's armed forces on Monday (March 4), with SHINee's Taemin and Minho sending him off. Another member of SHINee, Onew, is currently serving in the military. The group most recently returned as a whole last year with The Story of Light album series. 


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