Sunmi Tackles Performative Nature Of Social Media in 'Noir' Video: Watch

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SUNMI, "Noir"

Car’s on fire? Time to take a selfie. That's the way it goes, at least, in the picture-perfect world of social media that Sunmi criticizes in her music video for her new song “Noir.”

Released today (March 4), Sunmi’s latest captivating, lo-fi pop track is a hot take on the perils of trying to live it up on social media, with the accompanying video characterizing her as a clout-chasing influencer who fakes her lifestyle to make it look great on-screen in the hopes of getting followers and likes -- even if it's dangerous to get the perfect 'gram.

With candy heart motifs amid all the disaster, Sunmi emulates both those who share only the bright moments of life, and those who share negative elements. The singer references the ills of social media by equating both the positive emotions of gaining traction with the anxiety associated with negative comments and the constant drive to put out new, engaging content. 

“Noir” is Sunmi’s first single of 2019, and follows last year’s Warning album. It precedes the former Wonder Girls member’s upcoming North American dates of her Warning tour.

Watch Sunmi’s “Noir” video below.