K-Pop Band N.Flying Move Past Controversy Thanks to Sleeper Hit 'Rooftop': 'We Are Extremely Lucky'

N.Flying Rooftop
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N.Flying, "Rooftop"

The FNC Entertainment band claims the attention they finally deserve with their new single, composed by leader & oldest member Lee Seung Hyub.

N.Flying made headlines for all the wrong reasons last month, but things are starting to look up for the four-member band thanks to growing interest in their stunning new single "Rooftop."

The group saw public backlash and intense scrutiny when N.Flying's former bassist Kwon Kwon Jin became the center of controversy after multiple accusations, including sexual harassment, bad-mouthing his bandmates and dating one of his fans -- the latter of which is highly frowned upon in the K-pop industry. While Kwon and his lawyer deny most of the allegations, deeming any sexual misconduct as "outlandish," Kwon admitted to dating a fan and chose to depart the group permanently.

N.Flying made its ambitious debut in 2015 as a new, fresh-faced band under FNC Entertainment (following in the footsteps of successful predecessor bands like FTISLAND and CNBLUE) and has been consistently releasing elegant rock songs but to very little public recognition.

However, amid controversy and losing one of its core members in the middle of rehearsals, the boys pushed on and released their newest album Fly High Project on Jan. 2 as part of their annual project series -- where members Lee Seung Hyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jae Hyun and Yoo Hwe Seung release new music along with a surprise street performance (also known as "busking") once every two months.

A month into its release, N.Flying seems to have finally hit gold with "Rooftop," an uplifting, bubblegum rock-pop track fueled by head-bopping grooves, pounding drums and soaring melodies. At press time, "Rooftop" has racked up several million views on YouTube and hit top spots on multiple domestic charts in Korea, including Melon and Bugs.

Written and composed by frontman Lee (J.Don), "Rooftop" is a remarkable display of the 23-year-old's genre-mashing brilliance. Regarding the unexpected but well-deserved popularity of the song, Lee says, “Being recognized for music is an honor and the biggest achievement a band can ever accomplish. I think we are extremely lucky and are grateful for it. We are going to continue to pursue our career as if we just started and hopefully release better music and perform live more!”

For the rest of 2019, the band plans to release more music and hopes to do more live shows both in and outside of Korea to pay back all the love they’ve received from their fans (N.Fia).

“With this great energy, we hope to expand and meet our fans that we weren’t able to, and continue to spend more time with our day-one fans, because at the end of the day, it’s our fans who’ve supported us since the beginning that we were even able to come this far," Lee says. "We really want to thank our fans from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for always believing in and waiting for us. We feel like we’ve shared so many emotions, and we cannot express how proud we are of our N.Fia for sticking and pulling it all through with us. Seeing our fans happy drives us harder! We realized we can do anything with our fans by our side -- you guys are our everything! Our friends and family. Thank you again for letting us do and share what we love.”