BTS Win Big at 16th Korean Music Awards

BTS were recognized as the artist of the year, and their song 'Fake Love' was declared the top song of 2018.

The 2019 Korean Music Awards were held at the Guro Arts Valley Theater in Seoul today (Feb. 26), and Billboard 200 chart-toppers BTS took home the night’s top prizes.

BTS was recognized the artist of the year for 2018, and their song “Fake Love” -- which went to No. 10 on the Hot 100 chart last year after it was released on May's Love Yourself: Tear -- took the top prize in both the song of the year and best pop song categories.

Veteran singer Jang Pil Soon, who has regularly released music in South Korea since the ‘80s and gained an expansive following for her unique tone and approach to crafting evocative tones, took home the album of the year and best pop album awards for her ambient folk pop release, soony eight.

RM of BTS took to the group's Twitter page to express excitement over the recognition, and also seemingly acknowledged the 6th Edaily Culture Awards, which also took place today, by referring to the group taking home the grand prize, or Daesang, and the best concert award for their Love Yourself world tour. "I was so happy. It's an honor, thank you," he ended the tweet.

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— ????? (@BTS_twt) February 26, 2019

Other  big winners of the night were rookie of the year AIRY, and Yang Hee Eun, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The winners in each category are bolded below.

Album of the Year

Mid-Air Thief -- Crumbling

Life and Time -- Age

BTS -- Love Yourself: Answer

Say Sue Me -- Where We Were Together

Jang Pil Soon -- Aoony Eight

Huckleberry Finn -- Aurora People

Song of the Year

Mommy Son -- “Shonen Jump” (Feat. Bae Ki Sung)

BTS -- “Fake Love”


Say Sue Me -- “Old Town”

Kiha & The Faces -- “That’s Just What You Think”


Artist of the Year

Kim Sawol


Say Sue Me

Sunji Lee

Jang Pil Soon

Rookie of the Year







Best Pop Album


BTS -- Love Yourself: Answer

Uhm Jung Hwa -- The Cloud Dream of the Nine

Lee Moon Sae -- BETWEEN US

Lee Jin Ah -- Jinah Restaurant Full Course

Jang Pil Soon -- Soony Eight

Best Pop Song

ADOY -- “Wonder”

Red Velvet -- “Bad Boy”

BTS -- “Fake Love”


Heize -- “Jenga” (Feat. Gaeko)

Best Rock Album

Life and Time -- Age

SUPERSTRING -- Architecture

Asian Chairshot -- IGNITE

H a lot -- H A Lot

Plugged Classic -- Sabai

Best Rock Song

Life and Time -- “Jamsugyo”

Asian Chairshot -- “Round and Round”

H a lot -- “If You Ask Me”

H a lot -- “Prom”

Hangsuk & Boogiemonster -- “I’m Fat”

Best Modern Rock Album



Say Sue Me -- Where We Were Together

Jaurim -- Jaurim

Huckleberry Finn -- Aurora People

Best Modern Rock Song

Night Off -- “Review”

Say Sue Me -- “Old Town”

Kiha & The Faces -- “That’s Just What You Think”

Huckleberry Finn -- “Who Is It”


Best Metal and Hardcore Album


Day of Mourning -- This Too Will Pass

Noeasy -- Triangle


Best Dance and Electronic Album

Two Tone Shape -- Shapes

Mid-Air Thief -- Crumbling

Lofibaby -- N

Byul.org -- Nobody’s Gold

YESEO -- Damn Rules

KIRARA -- Sarah

Best Dance and Electronic Song

Pure 100% -- “Apollo”

Two Tone Shape -- “Color Penetration”

Aseul -- “Seoul Girl”

YESEO -- “Honey, Don’t Kill My Vibe”

KIRARA -- “Worries”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Album

JUSTHIS & Paloalto -- 4 the Youth


Bassagong -- TANG-A

ILLINIT -- Cosmos

JaeDal -- Period

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song

HAON -- “Boong Boong” (Feat. Sik-K)

JUSTHIS & Paloalto -- “Switch”

XXX -- “Ganju Gok”

Mommy Son -- “Shonen Jump” (Feat. Bae Ki Sung)

Hwaji -- “Nappe”

Best R&B and Soul Album


Jclef -- Flaw, Flaw

Naul -- Sound Doctrine

SUMIN -- Your Home

Hippy was Gipsy -- Language

Best R&B and Soul Song

Jclef -- “One Hour Before the Earth’s Destruction”

SUMIN -- “Your Home” (Feat. Xin Seha)

George -- “gohaegoback”

Hoody -- “Sunshine” (Feat. Crush)

Hippy was Gipsy -- “Bed”

Best Folk Album

Kang Asol -- The Day of Love

Kim Dong San -- Seoul Suwon Story

Kim Sawol -- Romance

Kim Haewon -- Sea and Myself

YUHA -- Young People

Hwang Puha -- Self-Portrait

Best Folk Song

Kang Asol -- “Island”

Kim Sawol -- “Someone”

YUHA -- “The Worker”

Jang Pil Soon -- “Night Sea”

Hwang Puha -- “Self Portrait”

Best Jazz Album

Yoo Sun Nam -- Strange, But Beautiful You

Youngjoo Song -- Late Fall

Bongwool Lee -- My Singing Fingers

Sunji Lee -- SONG OF APRIL

Sumin Jung -- Neo-liberalism

Best Jazz and Crossover Album

near east quartet -- Near East Quartet

Kim Sora -- A Sign of Rain

Park Ju Won -- The Last Rumba

Park Jiha -- Philos

Shin Hyunpil, Ko Heean -- Dear Chopin

Best Jazz and Crossover Performance

near east quartet -- “Near East Quartet”

Ko Heean Trio -- “Dancing Without Moving”

SooJin Suh -- “Strange Liberation”

Youngjoo Song -- “Late Fall”

Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester -- “Tschuss Jazz Era”