Mamamoo's Hwasa Artistically Calls Out A 'Twit' In New Music Video

Hwasa Mamamoo's "Twit"
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Hwasa of Mamamoo, "Twit"

Hwasa of K-pop pop vocal quartet Mamamoo made her solo debut on Wednesday (Feb. 13) with the release of her song “Twit,” five years since the group got its start in 2014.

Not quite a Valentine’s Day anthem, the single is a statement track fitting of Hwasa’s charismatic nature. “Twit” is a bouncing pop melody that features chirpy trap beats and tropical house elements as the artist switches between chanting raps and her soaring, powerful vocals. Her prowess as one of K-pop’s most dynamic singers carries throughout the song, a true show of her impressive talent as she addresses, mocks really, a lover who is giving too much to someone who doesn’t deserve it. 

The single was released through a music video that parallel’s the songs lyrics, showing Hwasa in a relationship with a man who is too invested in their relationship in comparison to her. The short film takes her through a variety of sets and looks, leaning into everything from athleisure to regalia to religious trappings, as she fiercely relays her emotions and calls out her “Twit.” Mamamoo’s Wheein cameos halfway through the video, embracing Hwasa in scenes spliced with ones of the singer captured in a plastic bag, as if in representation of her feelings of being in the relationship.

However, despite the entire song and video reflecting Hwasa's feelings towards a lover who is too much, the video ends with the man leaving her, and her grasping for him one last time before he walks away. It ends with a shot of her on her bed alone.

Both song and music video are rife with meaning and outside references, including George Orwell's Animal Farm, the Virgin Mary, and the Korean myth of Shim Cheong, the dedicated daughter who sacrifices herself for her father. 

Hwasa co-wrote the track with Dohun Kim and Woosang Park, according to the music video's credits.

Watch Hwasa’s “Twit” here: