JYP Entertainment's New Girl Group ITZY Debuts With 'Dalla Dalla': Watch

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The five-member girl group is the company’s first new female team since TWICE got their start in 2015.

A new K-pop girl group got their start yesterday (Feb. 10), and are already breaking records. Quintet ITZY released their single “Dalla Dalla” on Sunday (Monday, Feb. 11 in Korea), and earlier today it was reported that the music video had surpassed over 14 million views in 24 hours. According to label JYP Entertainment, it is the fastest-ever K-pop girl group debut on YouTube in the first day, showing immense interest in the new act before they’ve even put out their first album.

The electropop song is an empowering anthem, introducing ITZY as a group that’s an alternative to its peers: the title “Dalla Dalla” is the word for “different” in Korean, repeated. "I'm different from the kids, I'm different,” members sing in the chorus ahead of the chanting titular refrain. “Don't measure me by your standards alone, I love being myself, I'm nobody else."

Feisty and quick to shift tempos and genres, like hip-hop breakdowns appearing throughout, it’s yet to be seen how ITZY will differentiate itself from the K-pop herd in the long run, but at the moment all eyes are on them.

Expectations are high for the new team, which members Chaeryeong, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, and Yuna, as it is the first new girl group in over three years coming out of JYP Entertainment, following in succession of some of K-pop’s most prominent female acts. 

JYP has historically seen major success with girl groups ever since launching Wonder Girls in 2007; they became the first-ever K-pop artist to debut on the Hot 100 chart back in 2009. Between Wonder Girls and ITZY’s launch, JYP produced multiple hits from both miss A (2010) and TWICE (2015), and both team’s debut tracks, the former’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” and the latter’s “Like Ooh-Ah,” ignited intense interest in each act from the get-go, as each were huge hits in South Korea.

Though the single isn’t yet available on streaming sites, watch the music video for ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla” here: