Taemin Expresses 'Want' in Dramatic New Video: Watch

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Taemin, "Want"

It’s been over a year since SHINee’s Taemin released his last Korean solo album Move-ing, but the star returned today (Feb. 11) with his unique artistic styling, dropping the dramatic synthpop track “Want” and an EP of the same name.

Built upon a rhythmic, pounding bass beat and and percolating synths, the groovy melody serves as a smooth platform upon which Taemin’s sultry vocals can relay his desires to be desired. “The moment you take me in you'll be thirsting for more, incomplete,” starts the song as he slowly as he teases the listener, seducing with his velvety tone. "Making you fall for me without limit/ waking you up from silence under your deep sea/ will leaving you wanting for more, thirsting for more," he sings. 

The song, which his company describes as space disco-influenced, was released alongside a captivating music video that embraces Taemin's dynamic flair for drama by pairing dark, aesthetically pleasing sets and charismatic choreography. Snakes and smoke, netting and sculpture, gloves and leather, all play a role as a backdrop to Taemin’s tormenting the audience while he sings about making them thirst for more. Like the groundbreaking androgyny-based choreography of "Move," Taemin worked with frequent collaborator Sugawara Koharu, producing a theatrical, captivating performance. 

Growing up in the spotlight after debuting as a member of SHINee in 2008 as a young teen, Taemin has grown into his own through his solo releases and explored his distinct brand of artistry through solo releases in both Korean and Japanese, blending sleek dance-pop and alt R&B sounds with elegant, sensual choreography. “Want” expands on this as an exploration of his sexual prowess, moving Taemin into his most mature era to date.

Along with the single, Want, Taemin's second Korean EP, features six other tracks, including the EDM ballad “Truth,” which was co-written by *NSYNC’s JC Chasez.

Since the release of his first EP Ace in 2014, Taemin has landed four entries on the World Albums chart, dating back to his 2014 debut EP Ace: The First Mini Album. The set reached No. 2, as did his follow-up set Press It, while 2017's Move: The 2nd Album peaked at No. 3 and its reissue Move-ing: The 2nd Album Repackage in December 2017 peaked at No. 11.

Following the release of the song and album, the artist’s name trended worldwide on Twitter for several hours.

Watch the music video for Taemin’s “Want” below.