TOMORROW X TOGETHER Announces First Album 'The Dream Chapter: STAR'

The Big Hit Entertainment group is the company's first new act since BTS released their first album in 2013.

Highly-anticipated new K-pop boy band TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, will have a new album out new month. Their debut The Dream Chapter: STAR will be released on March 4, marking the start of the group’s career together.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is the first new group from Big Hit Entertainment since June 2013, when the company launched Billboard 200 chart-topping team BTS.

The quintet will appear on a special television broadcast, TOMORROW X TOGETHER Debut Celebration Show presented by Mnet, also on the 4th. They will then hold a showcase in Korea on March 5.

The new act features five teenage members: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai. According to Big Hit, the act is a “bright and youthful boy band” that has come together “under one dream in hopes of building a new tomorrow.”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, pronounced “Tomorrow By Together,” was announced earlier this year and has been introduced to audiences through a variety of social media posts and videos. Interest in the act is high, and Big Hit says they have already accumulated over 61 million YouTube Views ahead of their formal debut.