Apink Know What They Want From a Man On Bouncy New Track: Listen

APINK "Eung Eung"
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APINK "Eung Eung"

K-pop girl group Apink celebrated the first Monday of 2019 with the release of their eighth EP Percent, fronted by the single “%% (Eung Eung).”

A lush, ‘80s-influenced dance track, “%% (Eung Eung)” is guided by fizzy snyths, snapping beats, and slapping percussion as the members sing about the type of person one should love. "You're shining/ You look good on the outside/ It's in vain/ That is not enough baby/ It's important to be warm-hearted/ I think it has to be someone like that,” they declare as bright synths speed up towards the clapping melody of the chorus.

The song’s English title refers to the Korean phrase “??,” typically translated to “yes,” “okay,” or “uh huh.” It is one of several repeated phrases that appears throughout the song’s verses, and when turned on its side appears like a pair of percent signs.

The accompanying music video for the new track sees the women of Apink appear on a dark and stormy night at a "Pink Factory" as they assemble a variety of objects, ranging from vinyl lips to a bejeweled gun. It ends with them throwing the items into a bright pink brew, which they then use to soak a heart that they use to raise a man's suit to life. All the while, they switch off between soft pink outfits and a variety of dramatic, often sequinned, looks as they perform the alluring choreography.

Apink's latest single follows last July's "I'm So Sick." The new song continues the sonic shift Apink showcased in the prior one, as the group matures away from the angelic, girlish sounds they became known for in the early years of their career to showcase a more charismatic, compelling side to themselves.

During a press conference in Seoul today (Jan. 7), the group reportedly described their exploration of a new style of music that fits into their overall image "is APink's homework” while determining its path moving forward. The act also said that there was a connection between the two tracks. “The lyrics in 'I'm So Sick' finally declared an end to an estranged lover, and in '%%,' the lyrics say 'I have been there and I will not give in (to loneliness) until I find the right man I want,'" said Namjoo, according to Yonhap.

Along with the single, Percent features five other tracks, including the new jack swing-inspired "Enough," which features lyrics written by Chorong. 

Apink released their first song "I Don't Know" in 2011 and has regularly topped charts in South Korea since then with their charming brand of sweet pop music. Last year's One & Six EP, the group's 7th, peaked at No. 11 on the World Albums chart dated July 14.

Watch the music video for Apink’s “%% (Eung Eung)” below.