NCT Dream Take Off the Winter Chill With Release of 'Candle Light'

NCT Dream, "Candle Light"
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NCT Dream, "Candle Light"

K-pop boy band NCT Dream are ringing out 2018 with some “Candle Light.” The act’s newest song was released Thursday (Dec. 27) as part of the South Korean company’s Station 3 digital release series.

A mellow pop track that gets into the seasonal mood with sweet strings and melodies, plus the occasional rap thrown in, “Candle Light” compares romance to the titular illumination and expresses gratitude over being able to be with a loved one. 

“Candle Light” is the final song from NCT Dream’s current lineup, as member Mark, who is credited with writing lyrics, is aging out of the youth-oriented team at the end of the year; members of NCT age out of the Dream unit after their 19th birthday, age of adulthood in South Korea. It’s the third single from NCT Dream this year, following “Go” and “We Go Up.”

NCT Dream is one of the multiple teams within SM Entertainment’s NCT project, which currently includes 18 men in its roster.

“Candle Light” is the fourth song released since SM launched the third season of its SM Station digital music project on Nov. 29. All four songs released so far -- "Coffee Break" from NCT's Lucas and Jonah Nilsson, "Hair in the Air" feat. Yeri of Red Velvet with NCT Dream's Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin, "Best Day Ever" featuring Dream's Haechan, Chenle and Jisung and "Candle Light" -- have featured members of NCT.

Like other NCT Dream music videos, the one for “Candle Light” features a basketball motif throughout, though the plot mostly revolves around the seven members as an old school film crew creating, and then watching, a movie.

Watch it below.