Jessica Gets Festive For 'One More Christmas' Music Film, Talks New Plans For 2019

Jessica’s “One More Christmas”
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Jessica, “One More Christmas” 

After a year of holding overseas concerts, covering magazines, collaborating with influential brands, expanding her Blanc & Eclare line and signing with United Talent Agency for North American activities, Jessica Jung capped off 2018 with a special holiday song titled "One More Christmas" along with captivating visual.

The artistic music film sees the multi-talented K-pop star rocking a slew of different looks -- ranging from festive to avant-garde chic -- punctuated by her signature sophisticated demeanor and style. The video debuted on Dec. 14, and collected more than a quarter of a million views in its first week out.

With the release of her new holiday track, Jessica sat down with Billboard to discuss her latest release, plans for 2019 and more. Watch the visual below, and check out our Q&A after the jump.

What inspired you to release a holiday single this year?

I always wanted to do a holiday song, but for some reason, we just never got a chance, due to various conflicts. However, this is the year! After a lot inner-self debating, I decided a lively jingle was the right direction for my first holiday single -- I've caught my staff and partners trying to shaking their hips to the song during shoots. That was a confidence booster!

What else can fans look forward to in 2019?

By now, my fans know that I keep myself busy -- maybe too busy -- while seeking new endeavors, exploring new worlds, creating fashion items and, of course, experimenting with all sorts of music and sounds. My fans are my source of strength and vision -- I’ll do this for as long as they are there supporting me.

We have several very interesting collaborations in the works for Blanc & Eclare. As you may have seen in 2018, we unveiled collaborations with the likes of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Keds, Zalora, Irene Kim, Beautytap and Casetify. I’ve also been spending a lot of time in the studio recording music with plans to release in 2019.

Do you have any plans to tour next year?

I would love to! I believe my team is in discussions to plan something for 2019. It would be amazing to perform for my fans; this is probably one of my most favorite things to do. I don’t view being with fans as work -- I love them.

How do you find yourself time to create and, perhaps most importantly, time for yourself?

Work-life balance is certainly key, and to be honest, it's probably what I struggle with most. When I get in the zone and enjoy doing something, I tend to want to stay in that universe. Thank God for the amazing people that help me snap out of it every now and then.

Anything else you want fans to know?

Thank you, times a zillion! You guys are always a bright light providing me with the energy and passion to keep going. I could have never imagined having come this far, but please know that it was 100 percent because of your unconditional love and care for me. To my Golden Stars: I love you.