Jennie Talks 'Solo,' Being the First BLACKPINK Member to Release Her Own Song: Watch

K-pop star Jennie recently sat down with Billboard to talk about her first-ever single “Solo," which took the No. 1 spot on the World Digital Song Sales chart last month.

Released on Nov. 12, “Solo” is the first track from a member of BLACKPINK on her own, and revels in the feelings of going independent after ending a relationship.

Taking the time out of her schedule, Jennie spoke with Billboard K-pop columnist Tamar Herman about the song, BLACKPINK’s recent and future plans, and much more.

"There was definitely some pressure when I was starting because I was representing myself and also BLACKPINK for the very first time,” she says about becoming the first member of the girl group, which put out its first singles in 2016, to release a track independently from the group. 

As for the song itself, Jennie says that it’s all about “being true to yourself and being confident. I hope that listeners can embrace the message and enjoy the song as much as I did."

When asked about what she does when she has some “Solo” time to herself, Jennie added that she likes to lounge about and play with her dogs. "I like to just stay at home with my family, I eat something nice,” she says. “Strawberry are in season in Korea, [so] they're my go-to everyday. Just relax, just rest from everything."

She also spoke about how busy it’s been with BLACKPINK these days and their international concert tour, and hinted to new plans for the group in 2019. “We're preparing something, yea. For upcoming, I mean, next year. It's a whole new year.”

Jennie later adds that the popular K-pop girl group has a world tour coming up. "[We're] very, very excited for. And a few more other things that I cannot spoil for you guys. It's coming, so please stay tuned. It's coming, that's all I'm going to say."

You can hear more of what Jennie has to say about “Solo,” filming its music video in London, and BLACKPINK in the video above.