Watch MAMA Fans' Choice Japan Performances: BTS, Stray Kids, Monsta X & More

The Mnet Asian Music Awards' second 2018 ceremony (the MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan) sent shock waves through Asia with its giant energy-filled lineup on Wednesday (Dec. 12).

K-pop groups including BTS, Stray Kids, Monsta X, Wanna One, IZ*ONE, TWICE, NU’EST, and MAMAMOO treated audiences to their catchiest jams, set to lively dance moves and elaborate productions.

Whether you were at the giant event, or simply wish you were, the good news is that you can relive it all right here. Check out videos of some of the evening's most major performances below.

Wanna One, “Heartbeat”

Eleven-member Wanna One opened with a cover of the '09 track “Heartbeat” by K-pop legends 2PM. Wearing matching black suits, the guys moved and crooned in time to the smooth pop ballad as gem-like projections rotated above them: “Listen to my heartbeat/ It’s beating for you.”

IZ*ONE’s Choi Ye Na and Honda Hitomi, MONSTA X’s Shownu and Hyungwon, TWICE’s Momo and Mina, and GOT7’s JB and Yugyeom, “Bounce”

It wasn’t long before members of IZ*ONE, MONSTA X, TWICE and GOT7 were teaming up to jam to an epic dubstep version of JJ Project’s “Bounce.” The performers busted a few breezy moves in pairs on opposite sides of the glowing diamond-shaped object in the center of the stage.

Stray Kids, “P.A.C.E."

The atmosphere heated up when the best new male artist recipient, Stray Kids, hit the arena. Donning white suits, they jumped out of a convertible off-stage and emerged from behind a collection of flags, quickly jumping into a series of slick rap verses. “Pick up the pace,” they yelled, syncing up with hypnotic dance moves.

MONSTA X, “Shoot Out”

Following the elaborate productions of “Spark” and “Jealousy,” MONSTA X headed straight into the magnetic “Shoot Out.” The boys rapped and bopped as shiny golden hands reached up from around the stage floor. The people underneath soon jumped out in matching back getups to join in on the group's power-soaked dance moves.

IZ*ONE, “La Vie en Rose”

No, this wasn’t a rendition the 1947 French jazz song -- this was South Korean-Japanese girl group IZ*ONE’s most popular energy-packed original. The girls' wispy voices matched their elegant moves as the set became covered in flowery images: “La la la la vie en rose.”

NU’EST, “Help Me”

N’UEST might have been one of the smaller K-pop outfits to take the stage, but that certainly didn’t stop them from packing a punch into their performance. They contrasted the graceful, sensitive string-and-piano-pushed verses with choppy jives on the synth-filled refrains. Their matching white outfits left them glowing.

TWICE, “Dance the Night Away”

TWICE was the second giant girl group to take the stage, and after strutting to “Yes or Yes” and “What is Love?” they joined together for the soft and playful, “Dance the Night Away.” “If you wanna have some fun/ One two three, let’s go/ Let’s dance the night away,” they sang on the beach-like stage. The girls bopped and skipped in unison as neon confetti rained down at the end.

MAMAMOO, “Egotistic” & “Starry Night”

Wearing tight red outfits and sporting some sassy dance moves, four-piece MAMAMOO revved up the crowd with a blend of their most popular tunes. A dance team backed the girls and their song's power-soaked electronic beat, while flag-bearers danced around the stage's edges. Blue laser lights zipped around the arena as the energy continued to build.

BTS, “Fake Love”

A dramatic violin-filled intro led BTS into the highly-anticipated “Fake Love.” Giant cloth-draped hands lined the stage as the boys stared at their hooded reflections on the floor. They then broke free and burst into intense motions and layered vocals: “I’m so sick of this fake love.” A quiet moment in the song led the members to hang like marionettes as a group of hooded dancers encapsulated them before emerging full-force.

BTS, “Anpanman”

The world-sweeping K-pop outfit closed out the show with “Anpanman.” A futuristic rocket was shown blasting off on the center diamond screens as the group rose from the floor wearing space-y jackets. “I’m a new generation Anpanman/ I’m a new superhero Anpanman,” they rapped as the platform lit up with blocky colors. BTS busted out their best bouncy dance moves, which were illuminated by the pulse of the audience’s lights.