Onew of SHINee Releases 'Voice' Debut Album: Watch the Music Video for 'Blue'

Onew "Blue"
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Onew "Blue"

Just weeks after Key released his first album, SHINee bandmate Onew dropped his debut EP, Voice, on Wednesday (Dec. 5). He is the fourth member of the quintet to put out a solo album.

The seven-track album is a testament to Onew’s expressive vocals, with sentimental pop ballads sitting beside one another. It is fronted by the single “Blue,” an emotive, musical theater-esque track about loneliness with sweeping verses and melancholic, orchestral instrumentals.  

The song was released through a music video that heavily leans into the title, bathing Onew in shades of blue as he ruminates on being alone amid a stormy scenescape. As he sings, the K-pop star interacts with a variety of objects and blindfolded people before a glowing gem finds its way to him and brings some light into his home.

“Blue” is followed on the album by the soft jazz of “Your Scent” and the mellow pop song “Under the Starlight.” The EP’s fourth track, “Sign,” brings in a slight shift with its bright, groovy, mid-tempo melody. It leads into a rock-slanted trio, beginning with the ballad “Illusion” and the restrained, acoustic guitar-oriented “Shine on You,” both featuring lyrics written by Onew. The album closes with the reflective pop-rock styling of “Timepiece.”

Onew, born Lee Jinki, debuted as a member of SHINee in 2008 under SM Entertainment. One of their primary vocalists, the release of Voice comes in the act's 10th year, and precedes Onew's enlistment in South Korea’s military and an impending hiatus of around two years from his work in the entertainment industry.

Watch the music video for “Blue” below.