Lay Zhang Talks 'Namanana' & Reuniting With EXO Bandmates: 'I Love My Guys'

Chinese pop star Lay Zhang recently sat down with Billboard’s K-pop columnist Tamar Herman to chat about his new record, rejoining his EXO bandmates, and much more.

Speaking of his latest album Namanana, which debuted at No. 21 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, Lay tells Billboard that it feels “very dope” to have achieved chart success with the LP, and he adds that he is very appreciative of his fans for buying it.

Asked what message he was trying to relay with the title track, Lay responds, “Don't forget your first dream and always focus your goal and to chase your dream and follow your dream. And follow your heart…believe yourself, you can do it. You can do everything. I can do it, so you guys also can do it.”

The singer also chats about re-joining his EXO bandmates for their “Tempo” music video, as it marked his first return to the group in over a year. “I love my guys,” Lay says of reuniting with the band. “I love my members, for sure. And I just want to tell them, if you guys need me, I'm always be there.”

Lay then pieces together a connection between his albums, as well as hints at another piece of the puzzle that fans can expect from his next release. He reveals that if you string together song titles from each of his records (“What U Need,” “I Need U,” and “Give Me a Chance”), they create a complete sentence that he wants to tell people.

“So, if you can connect the whole thing, it's a sentence,” Lay explains. “So, what you need, I need you, give me a chance.” He adds that this trend will continue on his next record, hinting that the first word will be “handle.”

You can hear much more from Lay in the video above.