Red Velvet Tease Thrilling New Single 'RBB': Watch

Red Velvet will be back this week, and are gearing up anticipation for their new single “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” with some teaser footage. 

An apparent sequel to January’s hit “Bad Boy,” the K-pop quintet released a short video trailer today (Nov. 28) sharing a bit of the song and its music video. The clip teases a song dominated by a funky beat and brassy horns, and a music video inspired by '80s horror aesthetics, including werewolves and a blood-curdling scream, seemingly courtesy of vocalist Wendy. It also hints to a bit of the video's choreography. 

Since its release, the teaser video surpassed over 1.4 million views on YouTube and over 600,000 on Twitter.

“RBB” fronts an EP of the same name, which will feature five other tracks including an English version of the single. Both the new song and album are set to be released on Friday (Nov. 30).

Ahead of the video teaser's release, the girl group shared a variety of images on social media showing off the albums alternating regal and haunting aesethetics. 

The popular K-pop girl group most recently released their Summer Magic album in July, and saw their best Stateside album sales week ever, landing the EP at No. 3 on the World Albums chart.

After ending 2018 off with the release of RBB, Red Velvet will be touring in the U.S. next February.

Take a listen and look at the short teaser video for “RBB” below.