NU'EST W Reveal Stories Behind Recent Music, Reflect On Time Together: Watch

From 2017's "If You" to their latest solo songs, the boy band look back on creating and cherishing the moment.

NU'EST W have seemingly come to the conclusion of their fairytale story -- but they have an exciting future ahead.

After four of the five NU'EST members appeared on the sensational Produce 101 boy-band singing competition in 2017 as what looked like a final grab for fame, the group found themselves in a world of newfound attention that continued even as member Hwang Minhyun won a spot in the boy band's final lineup with Wanna One. Throughout this time, the quartet of JR, Aron, Baekho and Ren came together as NU'EST W to release four different singles, hit new heights on both the Billboard and Korea's domestic charts, and claim their place in the kingdom of K-pop.

Billboard caught up with the NU'EST guys in the midst of their promotions for their final single and album of 2018 in "Help Me" off Wake,n. Watch above as the guys explain the meanings behind recently released tracks and new solo cuts, as well as look back on the music they love the most from their time as NU'EST W.

While the guys remained tight lipped on what this new year will bring for NU'EST, just as 2018 wrapped, NU'EST's official YouTube channel uploaded a stirring video titled "Epilogue" (below) that ended with the imagery of four flowers and a fifth flower joining them at the end -- all but confirming Minhyun's imminent return to the band. There's undeniably a new energy for the group as they continue to show what happens as the fairy tale wraps and the next book starts.

Check out more of our Q&A with NU'EST W below.

What has been the best memory for NU'EST W this past year?

Ren: Because every memory with our fans is so precious, it is really hard to pick one. 

Baekho: Yes, right! We think every moment is the best memory, all performances, fan meetings, concert and events -- even memories like [livestreaming on] V Live, where we weren't together in a same place, is something worth cherishing. 

Something that I personally noticed about NU'EST is how you have grown in your involvement in your music. I feel like as you matured as musicians, you became more involved in writing and producing your music. Have I identified that evolution correctly?

Baekho: I feel that we keep growing as we take active part in producing our own album, and we get to make music in our peculiar style. We're very glad there are many people agreeing that the style fits us right.

NU'EST has always been known for striking visuals, but the latest concept photos seem to take things to a new level. What was the album jacket shooting like?  

Aron: We all tried on new hairstyle this time -- each one dyed in different color to show our different side.

Ren: We are wearing fancy accessories and outfits as well. We can say it was really fun trying out a new concept during the jacket shooting.

NU'EST performed at the very first KCON in 2012 in California. Then last year NU'EST W performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Was that was that experience like? Aron, how special was it to you, growing up in LA..?

Aron: Staples Center is a big venue and it was very meaningful to be on its stage in my hometown after becoming a singer in Korea. It was a happy time since I also could meet my hometown friends.

What should we expect from you in 2019?

JR: We wanted to focus on our promotions and Seoul concert in December...we are planning to continuously present good music and stages, so stay tuned!