Nu'Est W Seeks a Helping Hand in 'Help Me' Music Video

Nuest W "Help Me"
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Nu'est W, "Help Me"

K-pop boy band Nu’Est W returned Monday (Nov. 26) with their new single “Help Me." The lead single on their Wake,N EP, it was released through a music video that opens the door for the next part of their career. 

After starting deceptively soft with a building beat, “Help Me” rapidly grows into a soaring synth-based dance track that utilizes booming orchestral instrumentals while switching back and forth between varying levels of intensities. The quartet’s vocals weave in and out as eclectic effects are layered upon one another to create a dramatic soundscape full of beat drops and tonal changes, reflecting the desperation the four sing and rap about.

The compelling energy of “Help Me” is immensely suitable as the finale for Nu’Est W; the group is set to revert in 2019 to its full, five-membered lineup as Nu’Est with Hwang Minhyun returning to the group after temporary boy band Wanna One comes to an end in upcoming weeks. The video for the new single, which features captivating cinematography, Morse Code-related imagery and dynamic dance sequences, alludes to Hwang’s return at its conclusion, with the four looking toward an open door as an unseen person’s footsteps are heard.

Nu’Est W’s new single fronts Wake,N, the third, and likely final, EP from the alternative lineup of the group. Aside from “Help Me,” the album features one other group song, “L.I.E,” and solos from each of the four members, with each man showing off his own distinct style: Aron serves up alt R&B on "Wi-Fi," JR gets angsty on the emotive "I Hate You," Ren leans into mellow pop/rock on "You &I," and Baekho rounds things out with the groovy future EDM track "Feels." “The album includes group songs that express waking up from sleep and solo tracks talking about feelings coming alive,” rapper JR said during a showcase on Monday.

Formed as Nu’Est in in 2012, the quintet became known for their experimental, innovative approach to K-pop but fared poorly in the highly competitive Korean music world. Last year saw four members participate in the reality competition show Produce 101, and Hwang's inclusion into the lineup for Wanna One spurred the creation of Nu'Est W, with the letter signifying that the group is "waiting" for Hwang's return. Since then, the group's seen a surge of popularity and Wake,N was preceded by two prior, highly successful EPs. W, Here was released in October 2017 and Who, You last June, and both ranked within the top 10 of Billboard's World Albums chart.