NCT Dream Gets Surprise Shout-Out on 'NCIS: New Orleans'

NCT Dream
Courtesy of SM Entertainment

NCT Dream

On Tuesday night, audiences around the United States watching the most recent episode of the CBS crime procedural NCIS: New Orleans were in for a surprise when four members of K-pop boy band NCT Dream were mentioned.

The fifth-season episode featured Necar Zadegan’s character Hannah Khoury and Vanessa Ferlito’s character Tammy Gregorio talking to a student about a murder investigation, and during the conversation Khoury surprised Gregorio with her knowledge of K-pop.

“Renjun, Jeno, or Chenle: Who’s best?” asked Khoury suddenly while trying to get information from the student. The young woman responded, “None of them. It’s Mark, obviously.” All four are part of 21 Under 21 group NCT Dream and SM Entertainment's larger NCT group, and Mark is also part of the NCT 127 and NCT U teams.

The reason for Khoury’s knowledge? “Oh, I don’t just know them, I hung out with them when I used to live in Busan,” she said, referring to a popular southeastern South Korea city. While a fun one-off, none of the four NCT Dream members mentioned have ever publicly discussed spending a lengthy amount of time in Busan. Jeno was born in Incheon, near Seoul, and the other three are all foreigners to South Korea: Mark was born in Canada, while Renjun and Chenle are from China. 

NCT Dream’s members are all teenagers, and the group is based on a system where members age out after turning 19, the legal age of adulthood in South Korea; Mark, who turned 19 in August, will stop working as part of Dream in 2019. 

The youth-oriented group saw their second EP We Go Up peak at No. 5 on the World Albums chart in September. 

While there are no official clips from the NCIS: New Orleans episode anywhere online at time of publication, fans captured and shared brief videos from the scene on social media. Watch it here: