Drunken Tiger Releases Final Album Featuring Yoonmirae, BTS' RM and More

Drunken Tiger, "Mantra"
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Drunken Tiger, "Mantra"

Twenty years since Drunken Tiger began, the South Korean hip-hop icon is being laid to rest with Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK.

Released today (Nov. 14) by Tiger JK, the frontman of Drunken Tiger who has since become eponymous with the once-crew, Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK is the final album put out under the Drunken Tiger moniker. He retires its name through 30 tracks featuring over a dozen prominent Korean artists, including Yoonmirae, one of the country’s pioneering female MCs and Tiger JK’s wife, rapper Dok2, SechsKies’ Eun Ji Won, and BTSRM.

The album, which consists of two 15-track discs, is fronted by the single "Mantra," an anthemic hip-hop track with old-school vibes and titled "The Nodding Song" in Korean. It is paired with a music video that turns Tiger JK into a fierce, supernatural being surrounded by his crew, including Yoonmirae and Bizzy, with whom he has formed the trio MFBTY, and Feel Ghood Music artists, including Junoflo and MRSHLL, who are featured on the album. Tiger JK and Yoonmirae head Feel Ghood.

“Timeless,” the final track on the first disc, features RM of chart-topping septet BTS. A lyric video for “Timeless” was made available alongside the album’s release. "Time will tell the consequences of cause and effect," raps Tiger JK over the scratching beat. "Think twice before you speak." Later, after speaking to the timelessness and importance of Drunken Tiger’s music, RM addresses Tiger JK about putting to rest the Drunken Tiger name with the album: "This album be the last, but it will forever last/ Things gon be a past, but fest post to be fast/ Hope it for the best, but see you already blessed/ All you spit was blast so don't you worry dad/ You ain't dead."

During a press conference in Seoul, Tiger JK addressed the collaboration and reflected on how the two came to work together. “Actually, I had prejudices against him when I first heard of him,” Tiger JK said, via a report from The Korea Herald. “But after talking about music with him, I realized that RM had his own color, knew how to share his own stories. His vocalization was also very outstanding. RM’s attitude toward music, the way he writes lyrics and understands the song also reminded me of our old days as underground rappers. He is sincere, passionate and most of all, talented.”

Along with the aforementioned artists, the album also features MC Meta, QM, TakeOne, Styliztik Jones, SUPERBEE, myunDo, Myka9, Kim Jong Kook of Turbo, DEFCONN, HAHA, Micki Eyes, BIBI, Anna One, Carmine Ioanna, VERNON, and WHO$.

Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.