IZ*ONE Debut in Top 10 of World Albums & World Digital Song Sales Charts

IZ*ONE, "La Vie en Rose"
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IZ*ONE, "La Vie en Rose"

Plus, a look at the success of the winning group from the "Produce" series.

IZ*ONE, the latest group created from the super-popular Produce singing competition series, is off to a strong start on the Billboard charts.

The Korean-American outfit sees their debut EP and their single chart within the top 10 of Billboard's world charts. The group's COLOR*IZ EP debuts at No. 9 on World Albums, while lead single "La Vie en Rose" begins at No. 6 on the World Digital Song Sales chart. Among its most remarkable stats this week, "La Vie en Rose" sold 1,000 downloads in the week ending Nov. 1, according to Nielsen Music, and is this week's third-biggest-selling K-pop song. 

Also notable: Very few female K-pop acts are able to double up on both world-genre charts with their debut releases. IZ*ONE is now just the eighth girl group to manage the feat and the third this year. See below for the full breakdown.

Artist, Debut album (peak position on World Albums), Debut single (peak on World Digital Songs):
Girls' Generation-TTS, Twinkle (No. 1), "Twinkle" (No. 4)
Red Velvet, Ice Cream Cake (No. 2), "Happiness" (No. 4)
Twice, The Story Begins (No. 15), "Like Ooh-Ahh" (No. 6)
Blackpink, Square Two (No. 2), "Boombayah" (No. 1)
Pristin, Hi! (No. 10), "Wee Woo" (No. 11)
(G)I-DLE, I Am (No. 5), "Latata" (No. 4)
LOONA, [++] (No. 4), "favOriTe" (No. 4)
IZ*ONE, COLOR*IZ (No. 9, so far), "La Vie en Rose" (No. 6, so far)

IZ*ONE was created from Produce 48, the third iteration of the Produce 101 program from South Korean broadcaster Mnet that created popular-but-temporary groups I.O.I and Wanna One. In this season, female K-pop hopefuls competed alongside members of Japan's popular idol group AKB48 in hopes to make a final, 12-member lineup. The group will promote together for two-and-a-half years -- a major uptick compared to the one-year contract of the previous seasons.

Altogether, IZ*ONE's Top 10 entries shows strong promise on the charts and what's to come when compared to their Produce counterparts. Wanna One managed to send their debut album 1X1=1 (To Be One) to No. 3 on World Albums with lead single "Energetic" hitting No. 6 on World Song Sales, but I.O.I did not send either their debut EP or single to any Billboard chart.

Currently, Wanna One can claim the highest-selling Produce-created album and song as 1x1=1 (To Be The One) has sold 2,000 copies, according to Nielsen Music, while "Energetic" has sold 9,000 copies in America since its release, according to Nielsen Music. The best-selling song from I.O.I is "Downpour," the group's farewell ballad, which has sold 2,000 copies since release, according to Nielsen Music.

Watch IZ*ONE deliver one of the first performances "La Vie en Rose" on Mnet's M Countdown below: