K-Pop Stars Show Up For Halloween 2018: See Costumes by Twice, SHINee, NCT 127 & More

Halloween 2018 is over, but the looks will live on for days to come as the best costumes of the year come to light. This year, many of South Korea’s pop stars went all-out to celebrate the day, either on Oct. 31 or just ahead of it. Many took to social media to show what they had, and here are just some of the most memorable looks that came out of the K-pop world.

Seventeen all dressed up for the holiday, but it was The 8 who gave everyone a fright with a luxurious update on The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington.     


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All 18 members of NCT turned out for SM Entertainment's annual Halloween Wonderland event, and dressed up as a wide array of characters, ranging from Tony the Tiger to Mona Lisa. 

TWICE performed in costume earlier this week at their Once Halloween fan meeting, and Momo shared a picture on Instagram of her Cruella de Vil look.

Anyone need a Kiss? Red Velvet’s Yeri dressed up as the Hershey’s candy, while the rest of the group’s members opted for their own looks, like Seulgi’s gothic vampire and Wendy appearing to be straight out of The Grudge.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo shared an eerie series of pictures on Instagram.



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Girl group Fromis_9 performed their "Love Bomb" in a variety of themed looks, many straight out of the DC Comics Universe.

Sunmi performed her song "Siren" as a fairy flanked by costumed dancers. 

SHINee's Onew turned head as The Mask, while NCT's Taeyong channeled Card Capture Sakura's Syaoran Li. 

Perhaps one of the most unique costumes from the K-pop world for Halloween 2018? Golden Child’s Lee Daeyeol dressed up as INFINITE’s Lee Sungyeol… his older brother.

Golden Child’s members went all out in general, but Tag’s Harley Quinn isn't clowning around. 

Members of Girls' Generation, Super Junior, and EXO were spotted hanging together at the SM party, with at least one undead present. 

Rookie boy band Stray Kids performed their song "I Am You" in costumes ranging from the robes traditionally worn by Korean royalty to animal onesies.

I am... f(x)'s Luna? Her self-made Groot took home a prize at the SM party. 

If The 8 went for scary, Seventeen bandmate Woozi went for childlike in his Teletubbies costume. 

Tiffany Young asked fans to pick among some looks before she decided her Halloween 2018 outfit, and ended up dressing up as Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom. 

The name of NCT's newest member Jungwoo trended worldwide on Halloween after he was spotted dressing up as a Rose to Jaehyun's Jack. 

Momoland had fun dancing to "Baam" with some Halloween-inspired items. 

SHINee's Key recorded the process that it took for him to turn into Voldemort... Then wasn't able to make it to the event in costume, so he sent a paper cut-out of himself to pose on the red carpet instead. He later showed up to claim one of the night's best-of costume awards, along with Onew and Luna.  



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